B R O K E N - Eco clothing that says no thanks to 'fast fashion'

BROKEN chino eco hoodie independent Men's Fashion Menswear New Clothing Brand recycled sustainable tshirt unisex

New in store this month and exclusive to Daw's Clothing, the B R O K E N range boasts a growing collection of unisex T's, sweatshirts, hoodies, chinos and shorts - with many more on the horizon.

Made from sustainably sourced cotton and post-consumer recycled polyester we're very proud to showcase their very responsible approach to the garment industry. As well as being sustainable, during manufacture the cotton offcuts are also recycled back into garment production, while the polyester comes from abandoned fishing nets and bottles, a colossal amount of which is dumped in the sea every year.

Watch this space for more of this exciting new brand - already on the horizon are additional chino colours and a range of bags. We can't wait!

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